Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Happie?

    Ans: The Happie is a subscription based video service which is being offered to act as a single source for a daily dose of laughter to a subscriber. The product offers the opportunity to the end user to browse and stream unlimited number of funny videos available across the different genres/ categories. A subscriber can also download up to 2 videos per day as part of his/her subscription to the Happie.
    The service shall be offered on a multiple price points RM 1/Daily or RM 3/Weekly.

  2. How can I subscribe to this service?

    Ans: To subscribe to the service, simply visit

  3. How much does the service cost?

    Ans: The service is available at RM 1/Daily or RM 3/Weekly .

  4. I have a feature phone, can I still use the service?

    Ans: Yes the service is available on most devices. To access the content simply subscribe to the service. Once subscribed, you can download any 5 videos from the service in a day.

  5. If I have downloaded any content item, can I download it again without using my download credit?

    Ans: In case you have downloaded an item earlier and for some reason either changed your device or deleted the content item. You can visit the My Account section. The item will be listed in your download history. This will allow you to re-download the content item without deducting your credit. Please do note that each content item listed in this section can be re-downloaded upto 3 times only.

  6. What all devices are supported by the service?

    Ans: The service supports all popular operating systems like Java, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows mobile.

  7. I am using wifi. How do I subscribe and use the service?

    Ans: If coming via wifi, you can use the service after logging in. To log in, simple hit the login link on top of the portal. It will ask you to enter your mobile number. Upon submission of your mobile number, you will be sent a 4 digit verification pin. Enter the pin and you will be logged in. You can use this pin with your mobile number every time you are trying to use the service via wifi.

  8. Will I be charged for data while using this service?

    Ans: Yes, if you’re using mobile data, then data charges would be applicable as per your plan.

  9. How do I unsubscribe from this service?

    Ans: To unsubscribe to this service simply visit the My Account section and click on the un-subscription link there.